May 24, 2019
3 months and 4 days left
until our celebration.


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Welcome to the official Irian Jaya Missions Celebration 2019 Reunion Page!!


When?  May 24 - 27, 2019

Where?   Pioneers, Orlando, FL

Plan now to join us for a great weekend of fun, great food (there may even be a pig roast in the works.....), games, memories, breakout sessions and a sing-along! 

There will be a hotel on site as well as the option to use the Olando SE/ Lake Wippoorwill KOA next door. If you choose to camp, please book early, as these spots will sell out quickly.

The RSVP page has been added. This is just a preliminary headcount. No reservations/registrations are being accepted at this website at the moment!
Here is the link for the hotel: Hotel

We have the rates for May 21-29. This enables folks who wish to come early or stay later to also get those rates. Please be sure to put YOUR days in when you make your reservation. 

Our rate also includes breakfast.

Normal rates are around $200/night.


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